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Benefits of Rapid Testing

The main benefits of Rapid Testing are to detect the virus early to avoid an outbreak that could negatively impact the business. Rapid tests are important screening tools to help you quickly and easily identify an outbreak or not.  And regular rapid testing provides an extra layer of defense against the spread of the virus within a congregating setting such as the work place.

But, there are additional benefits of rapid testing as listed below.

Speedy Results Benefit

One benefit is that they provide results in 15 minutes.

Cost of Rapid Testing

Another benefit of Rapid Testing is that they are inexpensive to use.

Administration Benefit

A third benefit is that they do not require any particular medical skill to administer.  Our medics simply follow the directions on the packages, as trained.


Even though there are numerous benefits of Rapid Testing, there is also a downside.  Antigen tests require a higher quantity of the virus to be present in the sample than other COVID 19 testing methods. As a result, antigen testing tends to be less sensitive at detecting cases, especially in asymptomatic people or people who are early in their infectious period.

However, for the work environment, they work well enough to avoid outbreaks.

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Mud Creek Medics

Our team of medical professionals perform these tests for numerous clients. These are done in our Testing Clinic, or the Client’s office and also the work site, when required. We bring everything necessary and provide reports upon completion.

To learn more, check out our Drug, Alcohol & COVID19 Testing services. 

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