OILFIELD SAFETY WORK ASSIGNMENTS – Remote Areas & Hazardous Oil & Gas Work Sites

Experienced in Oilfield Safety

mud creek medics oilfield safety work assignments

When we are on oilfield safety work assignments, it’s important that medical personnel speak, understand and communicate well with workers in trouble. The oilfield has its own language with terms, products, equipment, processes that are unique to the oilfield.

When a medical emergency takes place, time is of the essence. So, understanding the lingo helps our teams to respond more expediently than otherwise.

Remote Location Work Sites

mud creek medics remote location oilfield safety work
mud creek medics remote location oilfield safety work
mud creek medics first aid team

Our units regularly provide oilfield medical safety services in remote work site locations across Alberta. We regularly navigate off-road remote areas through harsh weather conditions and rugged terrains not normally accessible by regular ambulances.  

As such, we are able to offer multiple levels of standby and emergency response medical services in remote locations across Alberta and nearby provinces.

Hazardous Safety Work Environments

mud creek medics medical emergency fleet vehicles equipment fire suppression 2

Our team is experienced in high hazard work sites and atypical operational environments. These include drilling rig operations, pipeline operations, plant turnaround operations, work sites and more​.

In addition, our fleet’s mobility and versatility can withstand even the toughest of terrains and hazardous work sites.  And finally, our units are stocked to meet all OH&S standards, are heated and attended by our professional medical personnel.  This is why Mud Creek Medics is called so often to these types of sites.

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