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What are Remote Hazard Standby Medics

Our remote hazard standby medics are trained to work in isolated locations.  This specialty training includes training in advanced remote medic equipment.  It also includes training to meet the particular needs of oil and gas hazardous work sites.

Physicians on Call or Online for Remote Medics

Our equipment allows access to additional consulting and support from even the most secluded work sites.  Sometimes this is through tele-medicine, others times by phone.  This includes access to other medical specialists as well as physicians, nurses & fire fighters.  The partnership and communication between our medics and the specialists on call is the foremost factor that contributes to our overall quality of medical standby service.

Extra Care for Long Periods

Remote paramedics are trained to conduct patient care over a longer period of time.  This is why access to other specialists is critical.

Ground paramedics typically drop their patient off at an ER in 15 or 30 minutes from initial contact.  This is not so for remote paramedics.  They sometimes need to treat patients for days or weeks at a time.

Because of this, our medics take additional training on performing other emergency medical services.  These include getting detailed medical histories.  It also includes performing detailed physical examinations.  Additionally, it includes suturing, administration of antibiotics and performing advanced airway techniques.  So, remote medics have a wide set of specialty skills when working on hazardous remote locations.

Medic Paperwork and Compliance


Our remote paramedics also provide reporting services. These are necessary in high hazard project sites. These services include reporting compliance on regulations including those listed below.

  • Health & Safety
  • Drilling & Production
  • Fire Drill
  • First Aid Station
  • Fire Inspection
  • Emergency Evacuation
  • OSHA Case Management services

Mud Creek Medics

Working as standby medics in hazardous locations is serious business.  That is why we work tirelessly keeping all our credentials, training and skills current.  It’s also why we keep our medical vehicles well maintained and ready for remote work.  And lastly, it’s why we equip all our vehicles with top of the line equipment and supplies.  So, call us and we’ll do the job carefully and competently.

To learn more, check out our EMR, Paramedic & OFA III services. 

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