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Who are oilfield medics?  They are highly trained & certified standby medical responder staff who are on-ready to support any medical emergency that requires rescue, front line critical care, first aid treatment, and urgent medical facility transportation. Additionally, they are strong, brave, intelligent and compassionate individuals who hold human life as a top priority. In industries that sometimes require risky tasks and activities as part of their overall operation, they are a must.  In summary, they are a critical part of commerce and society’s success.  As such, they should be celebrated.

Oilfield Medics require Intelligence

Below is a list of required professional designation certifications that clearly support the idea that medics are intelligent.  As you can see, all of these certifications require a high degree of learning capacity.

    • PCP – Primary Care Paramedic
    • EMR – Emergency Medical Responder
    • OFA III – Occupational First Aid Provider
    • The Alberta Paramedicine Driver Operators Course (ADPOC)
    • Class 4 Drivers License

Further to that, they are required to have several first aid and medical practicing certifications.

    • Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
    • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
    • First Aid
    • Basic and Advanced Life Support (BLS & ALS)
    • Confined Space & Rope Rescue

Additionally, because their jobs require extensive reporting and compliance, they must also learn regulatory procedures. These include the following listed below.

    • Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
    • Transport Canada Safety
    • ISNetWorld Oilfield Safety Standards
    • Complyworks Oilfield Safety Standards
    • ACP (Alberta College of Paramedics) Compliance
    • AHS (Alberta Health Services) Compliance

And finally, they are required to self learn how to use all of the ever-changing technology, equipment and devices required for the job. Those include tools used in the following disciplines listed below.

    • Medical Apparatus and Equipment
    • Telecommunication Technologies and Devices
    • Vehicle Maintenance and Operation
    • Online Communication & Professional Support tools

In conclusion, medics require intelligence. Otherwise, there’d be no way they could learn and maintain this vast amount of ever-changing information.

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They require a Brave & Calm Disposition

Everyday, medics manage stress associated with providing standby medical support in hazardous, remote locations.  They do this by remaining both calm and brave.  This disposition provides assurance to the workers who are relying on the medics to support them, should anything happen.  That makes everything easier, safer and more enjoyable.  It also means fewer accidents.

They need to be Adaptable & Creative

Sometimes, when accidents happen, certain circumstances may prevent medics from following normal protocol.  For example, weather may prevent road access.  In this case, the medics may need to transform an ambulance into a triage hospital until road access opens.  There are numerous other examples, but the point is that medics need to be able to adapt to changing circumstance.  And they need to be creative in how they solve the issue in the interim.

Mud Creek Medics

To learn more about our medics, check out our EMR, Paramedic & OFA III services. 

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