MUD CREEK MEDICAL TESTING  – Drug & Alcohol, COVID and Audiology

MUD CREEK MEDICAL TESTING  – Drug & Alcohol, COVID and Audiology

Drug & Alcohol Medical Testing

Mud Creek Medical Testing

Mud Creek Medical Testing is there to help our clients detect and screen for misuse of drugs and alcohol by employees while on the job. 

This includes Pre-Employment, Site or Pre Access, Reasonable Suspicion and Post Accident Testing Services.

They include the following types as listed below.

  • Express Point of Care (POC) Testing
  • Lab Based Testing
  • Full Range of Panels Testing
  • Fentanyl Testing
  • THC Oral Saliva Testing
  • Oral Fluid Collection
  • Hair Follicle
  • Social Services
  • others

We also do breathalyzer testing.

COVID Testing Services

Mud Creek Drug Alcohol Medical Testing

Additionally, Mud Creek Medics provides a full-service process for rapid test COVID screening. The COVID-19 antigen rapid test device instantly identifies the presence of SARS-CoV-2 nucleoprotein in a simple NP/OP swabbed specimen.

Our collection process is a shallow nasal swab that will detect both viable and nonviable virus in nasopharyngeal secretions. These tests are quick to perform and results are provided in 20 minutes, identifying either a positive, negative or invalid result.

In the event of an invalid result, the donor will be retested. Ideal time frame for testing is 3-5 days post contact or once symptoms are present.

Whether you’re in the midst of a breakout during a shutdown, turnaround, or other project, rapid COVID tests can be performed at a designated area provided by the customer, or in our mobile testing lab that we can bring to site.

Hearing Tests & Audiology

Mud Creek Medical Testing

And also, we use Audiology Testing for workers who are exposed to excessive noise resulting in potential hearing loss.  This testing consists of measuring various hearing thresholds at several different Hz frequencies.  Noise exposure increases hearing thresholds, resulting in threshold shifts toward higher values.  The rule of thumbs is higher values means poorer hearing.

It’s best that new workers are always tested to establish a personal Hz baseline, followed by regular checkups to compare to that baseline.  After that, it’s easy to detect if any ongoing damage is occurring so the client can make the appropriate changes to the work environment. 

Mud Creek Testing Locations

We provide these tests 24/7 tests at 3 different locations, listed below.  This is so that clients have convenient options.

  • At our facility
  • In house at client’s facility
  • On the work site (including remote sites)

Collection Facility

Mud Creek is also a collection facility for medical testing for some of the larger collection agencies. These include those listed below.

  • CannAmm
  • SureHire
  • Drivercheck
  • ECS Safety
  • Shift