“Providing Standby Mobile Medical Emergency Services to Oilfield & Other High Hazard Industry Work Sites.”

mud creek medics standby mobile medical emergency services medics fire air



  • PCP – Primary Care Paramedic
  • EMR – Emergency Medical Responder
  • CMVSS (Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standard)
  • Transport Canada certified
  • ISNetWorld certified
  • Complyworks certified
  • ACP (Alberta College of Paramedics) licensed
  • AHS (Alberta Health Services) certified


Vehicles & Equipment:

  • Transport Canada approved patient transfer compartment with transport permits in each truck.
  • Two patient capability
  • AED (automated external defibrillators), EMR (emergency medical responder), EMT (emergency medical technician) & PCP (primary care paramedic) Medical Supplies beyond industry standards
  • Phone with built in boosters
  • Radio/two way radio for communication from MTC (Mobile Treatment Center) to truck cab
  • Licensed with the Alberta College of Paramedics



  • Experienced and NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) certified firefighters
  • CMVSS (Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standard)
  • Transport Canada certified
  • ISNetWorld certified
  • Complyworks certified
  • Experienced & fully qualified


Vehicles & Equipment:

  • Automated water heating and circulating pumps to prevent freeze up and ensure correct shower water temperatures
  • Grey water bladder system to prevent ground contamination
  • Extra SCBA bottles on board for emergency situations
  • Large capacity Foam Tank
  • Three (3) Encon Shower and Eye Wash Stations rated at 20 GPM regulated to 50 PSI
  • Location of control mounts allow for versatile lease placement



  • PCP, EMR, CMVSS, ACP, AHS licensed and certified
  • Transport Canada, ISNetWorld, & Complyworks certified
  • Experienced & fully qualified


Vehicles & Equipment:

  • 3 Scott SCBA’s (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) 
  • 6 SABA (Supplied Air Breathing Apparatus) 
  • 4 way manifolds for 4 simultaneous lines
  • 2 high pressure breathing regulators
  • 8 hi flow D cylinders of breathing air
  • H2S warning signs / wind socks / flag poles
  • CSE kit (Confined Space Entry)
  • 800 feet of breathing air hose
  • Recharge line for filling SCBA/SABA’s on location

Our STANDBY MOBILE MEDICAL EMERGENCY service teams, vehicles and equipment are well seasoned in high hazard work sites and atypical operational environments. These include drilling rig operations, pipeline operations, plant turnaround operations, completions, work sites and more​. It also includes remote locations, inclement weather, difficult roads and tenuous high risk situations. For many years now, Mud Creek Medics has been successfully helping oil companies in these situations to avoid risk, handle urgent situations and perform life saving rescues and transport where required.

We invite you to verify our certifications through this link:

mud creek medics alberta college of paramedics licensed certified

Trained, Certified, Licensed, Skilled and Experienced!


 “Mud Creek Medics also provides  Oilfield & Industry  Safety Training Classes and Drug, Alcohol, Hearing & COVID Testing.”

  • Worker Fall Protection Class
  • Fire Extinguisher Hazard Management Class
  • St Johns Ambulance Intermediate CPR Class
  • Global Ground Disturbance Level II (GCII) Supervisor Class
  • Confined Space Level II w/ Rescue Class
  • Red Cross Standard First Aid Class
  • H2S Alive – Energy Safety Canada Class
  • TDG Transportation of Dangerous Goods Class
  • WHMIS 2015 Class
  • Industrial Gas Detection & Control Class
  • BLS-HCP Class
  • and Customized Classes

Non DOT/DOT Urine Lab Tests

    • U406 (NDOT + OXY)
    • U452 (U406 + BAR, BZO, MTD, PPX)
    • U460 (U452 + Methaqualone {Synthetic OPI} )


POCT Urine Screen (Instant) Tests

    • 7 Panel (COC, OPI, PCP, THC, AMP, MDMA, MET)
    • 8 Panel (COC, OPI, PCP, THC, AMP, MDMA, MET, OXY)
    • 10 Panel (COC, OPI, PCP, THC, AMP, MDMA, MET, OXY, 6-MAM, HMO)
    • 12 Panel (COC, OPI, PCP, THC, AMP, MDMA, MET, OXY, MTD, BZO, BAR, PPX)
    • Fentanyl Screen
    • Other (By Request)

Oral Fluid Tests

    • 6 Panel Lab – OF01 (COC, OPI, PCP, THC, AMP, MET)
    • 7 Panel Lab – OF02 (COC, OPI, PCP, THC, AMP, MET, OXY)
    • 6 Panel POCT Screen (THC, COC, OPI, AMP, MET, PCP)
    • Alcohol POCT Screen
    • THC POCT Screen


Hair Sample Lab Tests

    • 5 Panel (COC, OPI, PCP, THC, AMP)
    • 5 Panel + Extended Opiates (COC, OPI, PCP, THC, AMP, Synthetic OPI)
    • Segment – 30 Day/ 60 Day/ 90 Day


Other Tests

    • Non-DOT/DOT Breath Alcohol Tests
    • Rapid COVID Tests
    • Audiometric Screening (Hearing Test)