ATV/UTV Safety (Green Seal Certified) Class


ATV/UTV Safety (Green Seal Certified) Class

ATV/UTV Safety (Green Seal Certified) Class: 8 hours class teaching time

Off Highway Vehicles (OHVs) are also known as ATV’s (All Terrain Vehicles) and UTV’s (Utility Terrain Vehicles or ‘Side by Side’s). These vehicles can be utilized as work tools or recreational vehicles, and they are very easy to underestimate how dangerous they can be to operate. This class teaches those wishing to operate an ATV or UTV how to be a safe operator.

Instructor: Mud Creek Medics Instructor

Completion Criteria: Ability to comprehend and successfully demonstrate all required skills, including critical steps; 100% attendance and participation.

Certification: Green Seal

Duration: 8 hours

Course Content

  • The Operating Components of ATVs and UTVs
  • Common Operating Hazards
  • Hazard Control
  • Procedures for Incident Reporting
  • How to Conduct Pre-ride and Post-ride Inspections
  • Start-up Procedures for ATVs and UTVs
  • Best Practices for ATV and UTV Operation
  • Driving on Hills, Slippery Surfaces, Soft Ground, Sand, and Other Conditions
  • How to Be a Responsible Operator
  • Winching and Loading
  • How to Safely Load and Transport the Vehicle for Transport
  • Proper Storage Procedures
  • Annual Maintenance Procedures





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